Checking Weight

Weight Loss

Experience an exercise and nutrition program that facilitates weight loss and optimizes your state of being. This program will teach you how to maintain your ideal weight and build habits that promote a lifestyle of wellbeing.

Build Strength & Muscle Mass

Follow a resistance training regimen designed to promote muscular hypertrophy and strength gains. All workouts are personalized and can be adapted to all fitness levels. This resistance training program can be done at home or at the gym.

Legs Workout
Workout at Home

Tone & Tighten

A workout plan developed to firm and tighten the core, thighs and arms. Toning desired areas and leaning out the entire body simultaneously.

Customized Nutrition Plan

This is individualized meal plan that provides each client with an improved  way of eating focused on a variety of food groups, high quality sources and adequate amounts of protein.

Healthy Lunch

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