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6 Tips for Healthy Travel

I think most of us can agree that we enjoy traveling, exploring new places and soaking in new experiences. But I am one who really enjoys my structure and my daily routine. Over the past few years I have been adapting the way I travel to fit my lifestyle instead of compromising my daily wellbeing habits. These are tips I've learned from personal trial and error experiences during my past travels.

1. Pack Healthy Foods

Load your car, bags, or pockets with a variety of healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied when you are feel hungry. Variety is key here, you don't want to be stuck eating the same snacks the whole trip.

Be aware of what you are eating. If you are one who often over eats when you travel buy single serving snacks and eat them one at a time, such as: granola bar, fresh fruit, muffin, protein shake, etc.

2. Remember to Move

Whether you are flying, driving or sailing you can still make time for movement. If you are flying get up and walk down the isle, stretch outs or use the restroom every 1-2 hours. Driving gives you more flexibility. When I road trip I love stopping at parks, walking around downtowns and trying local eateries. Its important to take care of your bodily needs even when you're traveling.

3. Be Spontaneous, But Plan Ahead

I find that I am more likely to have a good experience when I go into it with an open mind and a spontaneous spirit. Sometimes things don't go according to plan when you travel. Keep a light mood and positive mindset.

Be open and willing to try new things, experience new cultures and appreciate the beauty of the people and places you go. Learn to adapt to and overcome the unexpected, sometimes these experience are the ones we end up remembering most clearly. Be flexible and willing to go with the flow of the trip.

Make sure to plan for plenty of time between activities. Make travel arrangements ahead of time, plan transportation & boarding. Leave enough room for self care and down time.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water when you travel. Easier said than done, I know.. Its easy to get dehydrated while you travel. Which is why its so important to drink plenty of water. If you are exercising while you travel then its important to also drink electrolytes to replace minerals lost in sweat.

When I travel by car I bring a 3 gallon contain, this way I can refill my water bottle and backpack bladder. Many grocery stores have water filer machines. Its really easy to refill and use.

5. Listen to You Body

Listen to what your body is telling you. Drink if you're thirsty and eat if you're hungry. Try to avoid mindless consumption of food. Be aware of what you are eating and how it makes you feel. Eat more foods that make you feel good and sustain your energy.

Exercise or move your body when you can daily and be able to know when you need to rest. Become aware of your body learn to read what it needs at the present moment.

6. Do the Best You Can

Sometimes traveling puts you in awkward situations, be easy on yourself. Do the best you can in the situation you are in. Opt for the healthier option when possible, but forgive yourself when its not.

When you return home from traveling jump right back into your daily health and fitness routines. This continues to build

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